Car Display Ideas

We manufacture custom displays for car dealerships as well as standard styles including rotating displays.
We at Promotional Products have been designing and manufacturing Vehicle Display Platforms since early 1980. We have been in the automotive field since 1965 dealing with parts and service. Then in 1980, we became involved in vehicle displays offered to car dealerships, auto enthusiasts, and car shows promoters. They have been so effective that we do a tremendous amount of repeat business.

We ship our products worldwide and have thousands of customers around the world. We have customers in every state and over 20 countries around the world.

Not only do we make the models shown, but custom units to fit your own needs and usage.

Automotive Promotional Products is the original manufacturer of vehicle display platforms and builds the best car racks for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We have been building car stands years longer than any other company selling car display platforms. We use tubing for all legs and braces whereas others use angle iron.

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